this song really fucks me up for some reason

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And then you stuck givin stank faces to strangers

And then you stuck givin stank faces to strangers

Anonymous asked:
Where are you working now?

who are you? 

you would think facebook and shit would make it easy to make friends. all of your interests and sense of humor and beliefs are typically on everybody’s profile and if somebody is your type of people you can know that before you even meet them in person. but most of the time when i see a girl with seemingly common lifestyle online, it becomes difficult as fuck to actually get to know them or hangout in person unless theres a mutual physical attraction. i am not looking for love, im looking for people i can connect with and share experiences with. like am i supposed to tell females that from the start or like what the fuck is wrong with me where i can’t even make friends who are just like me.

spending the afternoon stalking the average-looking guys with hot girlfriends on facebook and trying to figure out how they’re doing that

not many people would know nowadays but i still wake up every single fucking morning hating my situation and depressed as fuck over the same girl ill never have. i get so fucking sad about this shit you guys. i get sad about that and then i proceed to get sad about all my flaws and i have so many it gets overwhelming and then im ashamed of myself because all of this is my own fault. then i put a smile on my face and carry out the rest of my day because there is no one i feel comfortable enough with to tell all of this shit to. 

my blog used to have tons of depressing shit and i really got away from all that so im sorry if you read this you guys. i didnt know what else to do, im struggling.



I hate when I ignore texts/calls from people because then I can’t post anything to my social networks without someone realizing I’m ignoring them.

when my wifi stops working so do i

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Fuck. I want her.
As soon as I saw her (via kareshare)

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